6/4/17 - This website will remain but I will not do many updates here. I just want to let people know that the altered book is still in my possession and at this point, since things hit a brick wall, I'm thinking of donating it to a museum. The question is, which one? Because some of the most important work herein was done by musicians, and primarily musicians in New Zealand, a museum there is one possibility. Then again, I feel the Robert Pollard collage (and Tobin Sprout's painting) is probably the biggest draw, so it's still a big question mark--both are from the Dayton, Ohio band, Guided by Voices. Please click here and visit the Honor With Art Facebook page. Hit the "Like" button, leave a comment, or just keep an eye out. I apologize for my super long delay, but once things kind of fizzled out I just set it aside. If anyone has any viable suggestions for where this piece might make a permanent home (or maybe even a temporary one for display purposes) please get in touch. 


5/16/11 - We're still going!  I know it's been awhile, and after some setbacks that caused this to be put aside, I'm bringing it to the front again.  First of all, click HERE to watch the YouTube video I made about the project.  And, I have contacted Ellen Degeneres again in hopes that we'll here a response. I have not had any response from any of the people I've written to as of yet, but it's been a long break, and I'm trying again.  I promise I will never give up.  Fingers crossed.  At any rate, the book is finished, and it is beautiful!  Go to the Gallery and see for yourself.

7/26/10 - HAPPY SUMMER! The Honor with Art book has been finished for some time now, and while we have had lots of favorable feedback, we still haven't found a venue to auction the piece.  I had decided that Ebay might be the only place to hold the auction, but a few people wrote to me privately saying I should be patient.  My friend MMicky Shine hit the right nerve when he suggested that I keep trying to get through to someone who can help push the project further than Ebay can--he mentioned Oprah.  He said the best is yet to come and not to get discouraged.  I'm going to take that advice.  The book itself is done and there is really no hurry--at least not today. 

If you would like to see the pages of the book, visit my website at www.shawnmhardy.com but if you don't see your work, please keep in mind that I couldn't fit nearly all of it on the pages.  Much of it will be tucked inside the sleeves and whatever else doesn't fit, will still be part of the whole--in other words, ALL the art submitted will still be part of the auction.  You can see all the submissions right here in the Honor With Art gallery by clicking the tab to the left.

I'm still trying, and for now, let's all keep hoping someone will bite.  I'm sure they will.

Check out our publicity on CNN's Nancy Grace:


Listen to my archived interview at ZNE on Musings with Chel--BlogTalkRadio!

Our Children: Honor With Art

Welcome to Our Children: Honor With Art, a project dedicated to the cause of missing and exploited children through works of art. My hope is to bring awareness and keep it alive through this artistic, creative process.

I am a lucky person - I am the survivor of a near-abduction when I was twelve years old. It was a scarring experience and this project is the result of putting that negative energy into a positive light. See MY STORY for details of my experience.


If you are a lover of the arts, philanthropist, or just someone wanting to participate in a worthy cause please consider joining Honor with Art. I am in need of sponsors and endorsers so if this is something you can do, please contact me at shawnmarie1961@gmail.com


The current project is in full swing, albeit a slow process. With over 100 artists, poets, and musicians contributing work, this is turning into an amazing piece of work. Please see our list of contributing artists and visit the art gallery for a glimpse of what we're doing.

See our ad in the latest issue of Somerset Memories!



As the founder of the project, I am creating an ALTERED BOOK using work donated to me by over 100 artists from all over the world. It is going to be a beautiful and unique piece of art that will be *auctioned off with all proceeds going to Klaaskids Foundation.  Marc Klaas has been advocating on behalf of missing and exploited children since his own daughter, Polly, was taken from her home in 1996, and brutally killed.

All artists who help will be acknowledged for their contributions and will ultimately, be working for a good cause. It has been a whole year since I first put out the CALL TO ARTISTS and it has taken this long to start putting the book together. Without the help of the artists who have given their time and art there would not be a project so thanks to all who have participated. Please take a look at the contributing artists by clicking HERE.

Altered books can be created using any kind of book - new, used, handmade, etc. In this case I'm using a vintage record album, which contained several 10" 78 rpm records from the musical Oklahoma! (the records will not be used). The inside and outside covers, as well as the 6 sleeves inside, will contain artwork from artists all over the world. Art will be collaged onto the pages, and in the case of an album like this, art will be tucked into the sleeves. This book is not meant to close tightly shut - instead it will be bursting with art and other embellishments, inside and out.


I am no longer in need of artwork for the altered book, but I do need volunteers to help with mailing costs, stuffing envelopes, and other tasks. Anyone wanting to help on this project will get full credit for their work and a link to their website here on the Honor with Art site. I will keep a running list of contributers here as well. If there is anyone with a good idea, email me and let's see what comes of it.

The next plan of action is to send letters to possible venues and art collectors and once I've written the letters I will need some gracious people who will accept the responsibility of mailing them out to a long list of recipients. My idea is to email each volunteer a list of as many names as each person can feasibly handle. Volunteers will mail letters out and email me when they are finished. I will then handle follow-up contacts via email. Email me or sign the guestbook if you wish to help.


Besides the long list of artists who've sent artwork in, the online art community EBSQ has offered to sponsor the project and Malaga Smith has contributed this site, with which this project probably would not be possible. Several of the artists who are contributing art have helped by putting my banner with a link to this site on their sites so if anyone wants to do this, please let me know and I will include a reciprocal link here. Anyone else who would like to help out, or anyone with questions, please contact me. Any suggestions on endorsements, advertising, legal issues, auctioning, or anything else would be appreciated, and I would be happy to hear from anyone who wants to participate. If you have a piece of art that you aren't sure about, or have another idea that you would like to contribute that will benefit this project, please let me know. Thanks also to my precious daughter who has brought out the best in me and who can make the sun shine on the darkest of days.


There are some great people participating in this project and so far we have artists in the U.S., U.K., GERMANY, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA, BRAZIL, & JAPAN. What a great way to bring people together and to possible start a chain reaction of others doing similar things to help make the world a better place! Click HERE to see the list of artists so far - or use the "Contributing Artists" tab.


The deadline for art submissions was October 2007, but if you signed up before that date you are still welcome to send submissions to me. Email me for the current mailing address.

ALWAYS send art with delivery confirmation - this way you will know that your package was received and PLEASE send insured if possible.


I understand that everyone's art is precious and I want to assure artists that their work will be treated with respect and will be used solely for the purpose of this project as outlined here. As I receive individual artwork I will post the artist's names here on this forum. Art will be photographed before it is put into the book and posted here in the Gallery.

Here are some good examples of altered books:



I do NOT accept financial donations but if you search the Internet there is a wealth of places to make donations directly - please investigate before you donate. My dedication to this project is out of love and respect for my own child, my own experience with a near-abduction when I was 12, and also because I believe that we all have a calling. This is mine.

For more information email

*A WORD ABOUT THE AUCTION: We are very, very close to wrapping up.  I have asked ex-Guided By Voices front man Robert (Bob) Pollard to hold the auction on behalf of Honor with Art, either through ebay or another site.  There is such a wealth of beautiful artwork in this project, but I feel that having Bob take this on will be the best thing, and it will eliminate getting too many hands involved.  My initial vision was much bigger, and more complicated, than simply having a talented guy like Bob, whose amazing and critically acclaimed work is already familiar, as the "auctioneer."  In Bob's hands the Klaaskids Foundation stands a chance of receiving some nice funds to carry on their great work.  Bob's friend and manager, Rich Turiel, said "yes," and we are awaiting the final word from Bob himself.  I will update this site as soon as I hear back.


As far as the financial side of things - I will not be handling any money.  I had thought it would be nice to donate money to countries outside the U.S. but it just gets too complicated.  I have tried to find other organizations like Klaaskids, but they simply aren't out there.  That is why I've chosed Klaaskids Foundation as the sole beneficiary.  At any rate, EVERY PENNY of all funds received from this book will go to charity.

Please sign the guestbook:


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