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My art background reaches far into the past - back to when my mother created little strip malls for my dollies out of recycled shoe boxes, construction paper, and paint; and my grandmother would sketch with pastels in her garden. My father won prizes for his paintings and photography and my uncle, who spent his free time building and flying remote control airplanes, later became a kinetic artist who creates real tornadoes and sculptures using trains, wheels, wood, electrical circuits, homemade masks and robots, mirrors, pendulums, sound, and any number of things. I guess you could say that creativity runs in the bloodline.

After going through a recently acquired packet of drawings and paintings from my childhood, I noticed that my subject matter hasn't changed much. Tornadoes seem to have been a favorite theme from the time I was six. Fairies and strange creatures, twisted tunnels of trees, leaves and flowers. And a lot of color.

I rarely have a preconceived idea of how I want a painting to turn out. I usually work directly on a canvas, without a planned diagram or a pre-sketch. I begin with layers and layers of thin, transparent acrylic paint over a textured background. Texture is created using gesso, or a variety of other gel mediums, which is poured on and spread over the substrate using any number of tools, from an old hairbrush to foam stamps.

My favorite landscapes usually feature a foreboding weather pattern and a horizon dotted with winged creatures, flowers, airplanes, silhouettes, and other oddities; or a patch of sidewalk with remnants of a hopscotch game, windblown with debris. Each detail is like adding another puzzle piece, and using things like image transfers, metal leafing, various bits of paper and fabric, beads, semi-precious stones, thread, and other found obects, I slowly complete the puzzle. I use Golden products almost exclusively, for their luminosity and archival properties.

I am sometimes criticized for being too cluttered in my work, but I suppose I am just following the direction of my subconscious. I am certainly not a minimalist, or even close. I don't tend to follow rules--we aren't here on the planet long enough to worry about sticking to rules when it comes to art. I follow the rules of my heart and soul and my work is unique - which is how it should be.

Art should stir passion. It sets passion into motion and inspires one to think, to act, to react. Art makes us take notice. It can evoke happiness, sadness, fear, or anger. It speaks to us and brings to the surface that which would otherwise lie dormant in the minds of creators. Georgia O'Keeffe once said that she found she could say things with color and shapes that she couldn't say any other way...things she had no words for. I speak in my own language--the only language I know.

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  2006 to Present: Founder and executive director of OUR CHILDREN: Honor with Art


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  September 2007 - The Cake House - 152 Ludlow St. NYC: Richard Davies, Bob Fay, & Shawn Marie Hardy   December 1999 - Arc Cafe - Dunedin, New Zealand - Andrew Spittle and Shawn Marie Hardy   October 1999 - Nelson Community Center / Anti-vivisection concert - Nelson, New Zealand - Dating Godot (Andrew Spittle, Shawn Marie Hardy, and Nigel Duncan) September 1999 - Nelson Community Center - Nelson, New Zealand - Dating Godot (Andrew Spittle, Shawn Marie Hardy, and Nigel Duncan)



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2011 - Theatre Bar - April - Grand Haven, MI  2010/2011 - C3 Exchange Art Gallery - December-January - Spring Lake, MI 


2009 - Starbucks - March - Beaverton, Oregon

2008/2009 - River House Cafe - July 2008-May 2009 - West Linn, Oregon 2007 - Cappuccino Cafe April & May - East Lansing, Michigan
  2004 - IRENE'S - Lansing, Michigan

1999 - Fibre Spectrum (Juried Exhibition) - Nelson, New Zealand  
1999 - Chez Eelco - Nelson, New Zealand

1995 - Bay View Boat Club - San Francisco, California  





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2011 - ArtPrize - September/October - Grand Rapids, MI (Holiday Inn, Pearl St.)



2011 - Grand Haven Art Walk - September/October - Grand Haven, MI (Tri-Cities Museum)



2011 - Rocket Fish Competition - September - Grand Haven, MI (3rd Place Winner-Minnow Division)

2007 - "SPRUNG" - Masonic Lodge, Dunedin, New Zealand December 14-19, 2007: with Robert Scott, David Kilgour, Graeme Downes, Gaylene, April Dolkar, Haunted Love & more! 
July 15th 2006 - Art at the Forge Exhibition - North Commerce Park (Old Melling Forging Building) - Lansing, Michigan

June 16th & 17th 2006 - Portland Community Art Fest (Juried Exhibition) - Portland, Michigan

2004 - Ladyfest at Spiderhouse Gallery - Lansing, Michigan

2004 - Spiderhouse Gallery - Lansing, Michigan   1999 - Suter Art Gallery (Juried Exhibition) - Nelson, New Zealand  



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  2005-2006 Volunteer Art Instructor - Oakwood Elementary School - Portland, MI  

2004-2006 Ebay Workshop Instructor - Delta Community Center, Lansing, MI  

2005 Volunteer Art Instructor - Boarshead Theater - Lansing, MI  

2005 Small Business/Ebay Lecturer - MOMS Group - Grand Ledge, MI  

2003-2005 Volunteer Art Instructor - Delta Center Elementary School - Lansing, MI  

2003 Art Instructor - Holt Public Schools Community Education (Midway and Dimondale Elementary) - Holt & Dimondale, MI  

1999-2000 Art Instructor - Nelson Community Center - Nelson, New Zealand  



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  2008 - Jan/Feb issues of Stampington & Co. Publications - 1/2-page ad for Honor With Art

2007 - Dream Interview    

2007 - EBSQ Zine Article, "Art: A Way In, V" by Martin Devine  

2004-Present - The Cumbria Directory Website - United Kingdom: Lanercost Priory  

2002 - The City Pulse, Independent Newspaper - Lansing, MI  

2001 - Lansing State Journal (Internal Journal Newsletter)  

1999 - The Leader - Nelson, New Zealand Community Newspaper - Arts & Entertainment  

1999 - The Leader - Nelson, New Zealand Community Newspaper - Gallery Guide  

1999 New Zealand Musician Magazine - Fresh Cut. CD Cover.  



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  April - September 2007 - Top 8 Gallery - Gallery 801- Featuring the work of Martin Devine, Betty Refour, Colin White, Marilyn Suchan, Judith Dransfield Kuepper, and Robert Scott  



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  July 2007 - Patron's Mention - EBSQ "Ripped Off" Show   June 2007 - Patron's Mention - EBSQ "Light My Way - Artist-made Lanterns" Show   June 2007 - Patron's Choice - EBSQ "FOTM (Flower of the Month)" Show - Morning Glory   April 2007 - Patron's Mention - EBSQ "Wild Birds" Show   March 2007 - Patron's Choice - EBSQ "Lichen and Moss" Show   January 2007 - Member's Choice - EBSQ "The Urban Street: Photographs from Town" Show   January 2007 - Patron's Choice - EBSQ "FOTM (Flower of the Month)" Show - Water Lily   August 2006 - Patron's Choice - EBSQ FOTM (Flower of the Month) Show - Petunia   July 2006 - Member's Choice - EBSQ "Plein Air" Show   July 2006 - Member's Mention - EBSQ "Underground" Show   March 2006 - Member's Mention - EBSQ FOTM (Flower of the Month) Show - Daisies   March 2006 - Juried into EBSQ Plus
August 1999 - First Place - Nelson Photography Club Photo Rally - Nelson, New Zealand   December 1994 - Achievement Award - City College of San Francisco, California  



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I am proud to be a juried member of EBSQ PLUS!


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