News & updates for March 2008


I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of spring - on the west coast it's much more tolerable and I don't miss the harsh Midwest winters at all.

I have to apologize for not getting a newsletter out sooner, but things have been very busy here. If it's not one thing, it's another. After our big trip, we were swamped with illness, and I'm trying to run a household as well, which brings me to my next topic...


It might seem like the project is at a standstill, but that is not the case at all. In fact, a couple pretty exciting things have happened recently. I have spoken to Mark Lunsford, whose daughter, Jessica was abducted and killed. Mark runs the Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation ( is always on the road advocating, educating, and working with legislators to make and change laws that will protect children. I got the idea to contact Mr. Lunsford after talking to the Klaas Kids Foundation. Per the conversation I had with Mr. Lunsford, the Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation will be one of the recipients of the money that is made through the auction.

We have a new promotional sponsor - see the bit below about ZNE and the interview I did on their BlogRadio.

I have written a letter to Ellen DeGeneres in hopes that she might want to help out in some way. Ellen does a lot to help people and she seems very approachable--hey, it can't hurt to try--I said I was going to aim high. I'm still desperately in need of a venue for the auction, so perhaps this will be an option. I would like to get television coverage somehow and I will keep trying, even if it does go at a snail's pace.


Thanks to Alicia Ballard, Noelle Hunt, and Roland Hardy for their recent contributions. I know there are still a few of you out there who are still sending something in so thanks in advance for your help.


ZNE has become a promotional sponsor for our project, and last week (Monday, March 10th) I was interviewed on ZNE's BlogRadio show to try and spread the good word about Honor with Art. ZNE is the abbreviation for Variazione - an online mixed-media, independent artists community. The awesome folks at ZNE work together to
encourage and inspire, and they're people with generous hearts. Chelize (Chel) Stroud Hery features a new charity on ZNE every month, and Honor With Art is the featured charity for March. ZNE will be making a small donation to the charity of my choice, and anyone who wishes to help out can go to for more info. If you want to hear the interview, all the shows are archived. Just click on the above link and look for the BlogTalkRadio link. I am having this donation sent to Klaas Kids Foundation at, and it will be sent on behalf of Honor with Art.


There are still a few people out there who have emailed asking if its still o.k. to send work in. The answer is "yes" to those of you who have already signed up. Unfortunately, I had to cut off newcomers at some point and I've eliminated some names on the list of contributing artists due to lack of response. But that doesn't mean you can't help. I need volunteers to donate time. Contact me for details. Artists who signed up previously can send work to the following address until the end of the year - there is someone at this address even while I'm away. Thanks mom!

Shawn Marie Hardy
OUR CHILDREN: Honor With Art
1260 Farr View Ct.
West Linn, Oregon 97068


Our Stampington & Co. ads are still running, with our last half-page ad coming out in May. We've had 4 ads in 4 different publications, with one left to go. I have received feedback from these ads so I know they're being seen. Every little bit helps. Go to for more information on these publications. Many thanks for their support!


Don't forget to check out the wealth of great art in the Art Gallery and please take a listen to "Missing Children," by Brazilian band Leyline while you're there.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and HAPPY SPRING to everyone!

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