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Art starting from Top Right, then Clockwise by Chrysti, Jaymee Dever, Shawn Marie Hardy, & Dawn Lee Thompson. HWA Logo by Shawn Marie Hardy. Layout by Stampington & Co.

We're up to 100!
Special thanks to our contributing artists!
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Shawn Marie Hardy - USA (back cover finished)
Graeme Downes - New Zealand (lyric sheet received)
Richard Davies - Australia/USA
(lyric sheets received)
Robert Pollard - USA (also find a link to the band Guided By Voices here: (collage received)
Tobin Sprout - USA (also find him at (painting received)
Gianmarco Liguori - New Zealand (can also be found at (art received)
Chris Knox - New Zealand (can also be found here: The Tall Dwarfs and here too at Flying Nun) (artwork received)
Alec Bathgate - New Zealand (artwork received)
David Kilgour - New Zealand (can also be found at The Clean and also here at Flying Nun)
Gaylene - New Zealand (photography and poem received)
Carl James - USA/New Zealand (demo cd received)
Robert Scott - New Zealand (artwork received)
Nive Nielsen
- Greenland
Natalia Malo - USA
(cd received)
Robin C. McGee USA (artwork received)
John Paul Thornton - USA (artwork received)
Martin Devine - Scotland (painting received)
Donna Gill Colestock - USA (artwork received)
Dawn Lee Thompson -USA (glass work for front cover received)
David Lester - CANADA (painting received)
Misty Mawn - USA (paintings received)
Kris Jean - USA (LOTS OF ATC'S received)
Mark Esper - USA (Recording device received)
Lauren Abrams - USA (drawing received)
Heide Reed Hibbard - USA (artwork received)
Jennifer Neubauer -USA (artwork received)
Roland Hardy - no website USA (artwork received)
Eric Hardy - no website USA (artwork received)
Angela Gue - USA (paintings received)
Noelle Hunt - CANADA (artwork received)
Heather Sims - Germany (painting received)
Tracey Allyn Greene - USA (artwork received)
Shaun Ferguson - U.K. (painting received)
Barbara Ferguson - U.K. (painting received)
Andrew Spittle (DATING GODOT) - NEW ZEALAND (artwork received)
Sally Lonie - NEW ZEALAND (artwork received)
D. M. Rice - USA (paintings received)
Jamie Atkinson - USA
(print received)
D.E. Andersen - USA (quilt received)
Shawna L. Handke - USA
(artwork received)
Marie Anakee - USA (painting received)
J. B. Davis - USA (painting received)
Malaga Smith - USA - (contribution received)
Ramona - USA (pendant received)
Amy L. Burns - USA (artwork received)
Jet Tenley - USA (stuffed animal received)
Lisa Rough - USA (artwork received)
Valdir Canado - São Paulo, BRAZIL
Cheryl Walker - USA
Cheri Nelson - USA (artwork received)
Muriel Areno - USA (bio received - artwork on the way)
Sharon Foster - USA (ATC prints, mini art & pins received)
Lauren's Designs - She Rocks Gallery - USA (brooch received)
Laurie Walker - USA (ATC received)
Chris Trueman - USA (artwork received)
Mark MacCallum - USA (metalwork received)
MMicky Shine - USA (art & poetry received)
Cheryl A. Martin - USA (artwork & poem receievd)
Louise Rill - USA (poem received)
Laura L. Tolchinsky - USA (painting received)
Ella Hardy-Spittle - USA (art doll received)
Marjie Parsons - USA (artwork received)
Betty Refour - USA (paintings received)
Jaymee Dever - USA (artwork received)
Leyline - Brazil (song, "Missing Children" received)
Paddy Slattery - Ireland (cd received)
Kendra Leighty - USA (art received)
Aileen Kushner - USA (no website) (collage received)
Deborah Sprague - USA (artwork received)
Chihiro Machiya - Japan (artwork received)
Brittany Heskett - USA (artwork received)
Dawn Petty - USA (artwork received)
Nicole Resseguie - USA (artwork received)
Curtis C Kohl - USA (painting received)
Yan D.Soloh - Montreal, Quebec, Canada (3 pieces received)
Douglas Stambler - USA (MP3 - song received))
Barefoot Artist - USA (artwork received)
Doris David - USA (artwork received)
Micah McClaine - USA (artwork received)
Chrysti - USA (artwork received)
Marjorie Spittle - New Zealand (poem received)
Christoper L. Wheeler - USA (artwork received)
Amber Wheeler - USA (artwork received)
Adele Henderson - USA (photo received)
Heather Mathieson - USA (ATC - artist trading card received)
April Dolkar - New Zealand (photo received)
Alicia M. B. Ballard - CANADA (artwork received)
Harold Hart - USA
Tammy Kushnir - USA
(artwork received)


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