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Art Gallery

Have a listen to the song that Brazilian band, Leyline, wrote for this project, titled, "Missing Children."

Just click on the play button.

5/16/11 - Here are the images from the finished product. Of course, all the work doesn't fit on the pages of the book, but they will be put inside the pages, and the rest will still be included in the auction.  Every thing you see on this page is part of the book.  The winner is going to own a beautiful one-of-a-kind masterpiece! 
Front Cover finished

First page

Page 4

Page 6

Page 8

Page 10

Page 12

Page 14



7/21/08 - This stunning altered book was donated to the Honor with Art project last month by mixed-media artist, Tammy Kushnir. These photos don't do it any justice, but will have to suffice. The book, when closed, measures about 6 x 8.5" by 1.5" thick. Very lovely!!!

And from the awesome U.S./New Zealand photographer, April Dolkar, this sepia toned photo of "Hail."

1/29/07 - Some really great stuff by Noelle Hunt, Alicia Ballard, & Roland Hardy

Alicia's lovely 9 x 9" painting:

Noelle's lovely little beings and a beautiful, textured 4 x 4:

and a wonderful array of photos to play with:

11/14/07 - Finally, from my daughter, who lives with me, her Honor with Art project!!! This is one of Ella's famous pipe-cleaner fairies - this is a rainforest fairy and his name is Pollen. Thanks Ella!

and from Shawna Handke, this pretty piece:

then, this cool collage all the way from Japan by Chi - keep a watch out for her illustrations! This image was shot at night and there's a glare from the glaze - but I will re-shoot it when I can. Just wanted to get it up here.

11/09 again - Just received a package of lovelies from Misty Mawn. Alas, the photos never look as good as the real thing...

11/09/07 - A whole lotta ATC's received from fellow EBSQers, Kris Jean and Donna Gill Colestock - WOW!

Here is the approved 1/2 page ad copy for the Stampington & Co. publications which should be out in the January issues.

10/30/07 - Next two pages are finished - think of the POP-UP idea. Here they are:

10/8/07 -
FINALLY, some nearly finished pages. There are pages 1-3. I may add some little bits & pieces in so I'm not calling them completely finished, but finished enough to show here. I've got two pages I'm working on today and tomorrow and will put them up as soon as I'm "almost finished" with those too.

Here is page 1:

Page 1 detail images:

Page 2:

Page 2 detail images:

Page 3:

Page 3 detail images:

8/23/07 - New artwork from Marjie Parsons.

8/15/07 - I've had this work from Christopher and Amber Wheeler and kept forgetting to put it on - my apologies, but here it is - a cd from Chris (and lovely by the way) and this vibrant oil pastel from Amber. Thanks to both of you!

8/13/07 - Lots of new artwork on board today! It was received here in Portland while I was in transit - I'm finally able to upload it.

Check out this awesome piece by Bob Scott! It's called "Bandaged Man Follows a New Leader."

Here's a sweet little ATC (Artist Trading Card) by Heather Mathieson - "Little Kitty."

This beautiful tree/skyscape is from Heide Reed-Hibbard

Brittany Heskett's intriguing collage work can be seen here...

7/11/07 -
Another lovely feline piece - this time an ink drawing by Tracey Allyn Green.

This was done on 300# Arches watercolor paper using hand-ground Chinese ink stick. Here is what Tracey said about this piece:

These are my cat sibs Deck and Alma, rescue kittens I adopted together. I like how I will still find them cuddled together, and the feeling I get from seeing that is warmth, unconditional love, and that is why I did them for this project, to get that feeling across, for that is what one wants a child to feel. All that feeling adds up to a word for me, "safe", and that is what the calligraphy means in this piece. It is signed, and that is one of my original seals, phonetic Chinese for my name, and the words mean "love of nature."

6/21/07 - More art from Robin McGee, Adele Henderson, Cheri Nelson, Jaymee Dever, & Muriel Areno

Robin's silver pin:

Adele's pretty photo:

Cheri's tri-fold mixed-media piece:

Jaymee's painting:

and Muriel's pastel drawing:

6/14/07 - Received this collage/poem from Micah McClaine a few days ago - thanks Micah!

6/7/07 - New art & more from the other Tall Dwarf, Alec Bathgate & work from Lisa Rough, Marjorie Spittle, & Kendra Leighty.

Alec's 47-year-old "Bear"

Lisa Rough's wonderful pyrographic piece (for those of you who don't know what pyrography is: here is a good description at:

and also, Marjorie Spittle's poem - after visiting Anne Frank House:

Kendra Leighty's beautiful fish:

6/6/07 - Look at all these new goodies - artwork from Andrew Spittle, Sally Lonie Spittle, The Barefoot Artist, Gianmarco Liguori, & Jennifer Neubauer:

Andrew's work:

Sally's Work:

Work from the Barefoot Artist:

Gianmarco's wonderful rendition of Igor Stravinsky:

and Jennifer's work:

5/24/07 - Just received a lovely package in the mail today with Chris Knox's work - Excellent!

5/16/07 - Here is an image of the amazing painting done by LA artist, John Paul Thornton. The actual piece is much more stunning in real life - almost like you can reach right into the painting and touch the child.

5/13/07 - Lots of new art from some great people! Check it out!

Gaylene's awesome poetry and photgraphy:

These beautiful 4 x 4" journal pages and ATC's by Chrysti:

Eric Hardy's mysterious Collage made with all found objects and these awesome vintage keys:

Doris David's colorful painting:

This beautifully crafted brooch by Lauren Tilelli:

5/3/07 - Robert Pollard's cool collage:



5/3/07 - O.K. The front cover is officially finished - except I still have to secure the glass plate. Here is the final paint job - and I put the glass down so you can see the full effect. It's not really as pink as it looks. I got some glare because of the gloss in the paint. I'd love some feedback.

and here it is spread out so you can see the front and back together:

5/3/07 - The work of Curtis C. Kohl:

5/2/07 - check this out:

4/27/07 - Here is a better pic of the glass plate for the front cover done by Dawn Thompson:

4/26/07 - Just received some lovely artwork from Marie Anakee. A beautiful painting of a koi. Here it is:

4/26/07 - I've received a great package of goodies from MMicky Shine - poetry with artwork right on the page! And more poetry! AND Canadian artist, Yan D. Soloh emailed the images of what he's sending - 3 oil paintings - thanks guys! Here is MMicky's work - see Yan's below too:

...and Yan D. Soloh's works:

4/21/07 - Just in from Carl James of the band GOLDBUG - Carl is from New Zealand & now living in Connecticut - he was also in a NZ band called the Lils way back when. He's sent in a cd of demos that aren't even on a record yet. Thanks Carl!

4/19/07 - New art received from Cheryl A Vatcher-Martin and Deborah Sprague:

Cheryl's work:

And Deborah's lovely little mini painting:

4/12/07 - Just heard from Dawn Thompson and the glass plate she's been working on for the front cover is near completion. Just a final step or two and it'll be on it's way. It's incredible - see for yourself:

4/12/07 - New art received from Nicole Resseguie of Cracked Moon Miscellany: A lovely mixed-media piece titled "I Don't Have A Daughter."

4/05/07 - New art received from Dawn Petty and Amy Burns. Here is Dawn's work:

and Amy's:

3/14/07 - Tobin Sprout's painting, "Lost Soul" has arrived. It measures 7 x 7" and is a lovely little piece on canvas.

3/07/07 - Art received from Lauren Cole Abrams and Betty Refour:

2/25/07 - Lyric Sheet with handwritten notes from Graeme Downes:

2/25/07 - New art received from Angela Gue, Aileen Kushner, & Debi Rice:

Angela's work:

Aileen's Work:

Debi's Work:

2/9/07 - Outline of Dawn Thompson's front cover glass piece:

02/9/07 CD received from Irish singer/songwriter Paddy Slattery:

1/29/07 - The back cover is ALL DONE! Hooray! I've called it "Pansy's Wishes" and here it is...

1/22/07 - here is the updated back cover. There are a few bits & pieces left to do - here it is so far:

1/22/07 - I've just received a lovely little original watercolor from Martin Devine. This one measures about 5 x 5" and is matted. Thanks a million Martin!


1/17/07 I've finally started working on the cover of the altered book. Here are the first couple steps in preparing the surface. As I pointed out earlier, I used a layer of thick gesso on the back cover and textured it with various objects. Next, I've put thin layers of Golden acrylic paints over the dried gesso. I've added a bit of color here and there but this will change over time and added layers. I tend to "go with the flow" here and add color spontaneously. I'm using a green, rust, magenta scheme right now but will probably throw in some surprises later. And this will also be a mixed-media work so who knows what will grab me as I go. I'm excited to find out myself:) The front cover will be done in the same fashion but will have a glass plate in the center.

1/12/07: Thanks Dawn! I received the quilt in excellent condition and much more beautiful than this pic below. I'll photograph it soon with a higher resolution. It's so lovely!


More art and poetry received

I have received work from Ramona

Jamie Atkinson

& Laura L. Tolchinsky




I have received some new work over the past several weeks and will post it here in the Gallery as soon as I've got the scanner figured out again. Thanks to Jet Tenley for her little stuffed bear

Laurie W for her lovely ATC


Louise Rill, who sent a lovely poem that was published in her book, "Thirst"


Here is the lovely metal work that Mark MacCallum sent

12/05/06 - Here's the letter I received from Bob Pollard:

More art today - from Heather Sims in Germany! This is a photo of what'll be coming in the mail. Awesome stuff:

Fifth art submission from J.B. Davis in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Awesome!

11/30/06 - Fourth art submission from watercolorist, Barbara Ferguson. This will be en route from the U.K. soon - in the meantime, enjoy this image:

11/28/06 - Third submission from graphic & digital artist, Shaun Ferguson in Carlisle, England: these lovely pieces that he created just for this project. These images aren't exactly to scale.

11/27/06 - Here is the second art submission from artist Sharon Foster. Thanks Sharon! These are cool. I'll have to figure out something funky to do with the little buttons (they're about the size of a nickle.) The group of three in one photo is a set of ATC prints, and then there is a mini cat painting (about 1 1/2" x 3"). Very cool as I need a mixture of small and larger stuff.

I've just received the first piece of art for the book! David Lester, of the Vancouver BC band Mecca Normal, sent this very cool piece of art. The size of the white paper is roughly 8 x 10". David also sent the letter below and I wanted to share his explanation of the painting. A great start!

Here are the first photos of the "altered book" in its raw state. Once the work is finished it will be unrecognizable as a record album.

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