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Deadline has passed and submission process is closed for new artists but contact me to find out what else you can do to contribute.


I have started a project on behalf of missing and exploited children. I am creating an ALTERED BOOK and I'm looking for creative people to collaborate and help create a unique piece of art. When it is finished, this art will be *auctioned off and all proceeds will go to Klaas Kids Foundation and other charities that advocate for the cause. All artists who help will be acknowledged for their contributions and will ultimately, be working for a good cause. So far we have over 95 artists since we started in the middle of October - take a look at the contributing artists by clicking HERE.

Altered books can be created using any kind of book - new, used, handmade, etc. In this case I'm using a vintage record album, which contained several 10" 78 rpm records from the musical Oklahoma! (the records will not be used). The inside and outside covers, as well as the 6 sleeves inside, will contain artwork from artists all over the world. Art will be collaged onto the pages, and in the case of an album like this, art will be tucked into the sleeves. This book is not meant to close tightly shut - instead it will be bursting with art and other embellishments, inside and out.

I am looking for small works of art on paper, card, fabric, thin metal, or anything small that can be incorporated into the pages of a book or affixed to the front or back cover. Work can be created specifically for this project, or it can be something that was created in the past. If you have a piece of art, poem, story, photograph, song, quotation, or just an idea, please let me know that you would like to participate and I will do my best to accomdate your creation.

Work should be no larger than 10 x 10" and can be as small as a postage stamp, but it would be best if it is on paper, card, fabric, thin metal, or any other fairly thin material so it fits into the album. 3-dimensional art is possible - it could be used as an embellishment on the book itself, i.e., glass artist Dawn Lee Thompson has just finished a glass plate for the front cover. Please understand that your work may be affixed to the page, or it may be inserted inside the sleeve. I will continue to add art to the book as it is received and I will be posting photos as work progresses. Photos will be posted here in the Gallery. I am either building a box, or creating a piece of altered art out of an existing box, to contain the book once it's finished. It will be chock full of work and fragile as well.

It would be very helpful to send a statement about your work and if possible, a Certificate of Authenticity - or just have one ready to send to the lucky person who ends up with the book after auction.


Malaga Smith has contributed this site, with which this project probably would not be possible. Scottish artist, Martin Devine, is helping me out in the U.K. by spreading the word and I've been in touch with some good sources over here for publicity. Several of the artists who are contributing art have helped by putting my banner with a link to this site on their sites so if anyone wants to do this, please let me know and I will include a reciprocal link here. Anyone else who would like to help out, or anyone with questions, please contact me. Any suggestions on endorsements, advertising, legal issues, auctioning, or anything else would be appreciated, and I would be happy to hear from anyone who wants to participate. If you have a piece of art that you aren't sure about, or have another idea that you would like to contribute that will benefit this project, please let me know.
There are some great people participating in this project and so far we have artists in the U.S., U.K., GERMANY, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA, BRAZIL, & JAPAN. What a great way to bring people together and to possible start a chain reaction of others doing similar things to help make the world a better place! Click HERE to see the list of artists so far - or use the "Contributing Artists" tab.


The deadline for art submissions for this altered book was June 2007, but if you signed up before that date you are still welcome to send submissions to me - email me for the mailing address.

ALWAYS send art with delivery confirmation - this way you will know that your package was received and PLEASE send insured if possible.

I understand that everyone's art is precious and I want to assure artists that their work will be treated with respect and will be used solely for the purpose of this project as outlined here. As I receive individual artwork I will post the artist's names here on this forum. Art will be photographed before it is put into the book and posted here in the Gallery.

Here are some good examples of altered books:



I do NOT accept financial donations but if you search the Internet there is a wealth of places to make donations directly - please investigate before you donate. My dedication to this project is out of love and respect for my own child, my own experience with a near-abduction when I was 12, and also because I believe that we all have a calling. This is mine.

My sincere and undying thanks to my dear friend and sister, Malaga, for contributing this site; those who have joined thus far, and those who are advocates for the cause. And thank you to my precious daughter who has brought out the best in me and who can make the sun shine on the darkest of days. For more information email

*A WORD ABOUT THE AUCTION: I am in the process of scoping out some auction houses and trying to find an auctioneer who will take this project on. I have even written to Oprah Winfrey, Montel Williams and the View. I have located an auctioneer through Christie's Auction House and this will be a pro bono service. I just need to find the venue. Christie's is busy in the spring and autumn so I'm shooting for a winter auction. I'm starting at the top and working my way down with plans to contact well-known collectors and public figures - even Donald Trump and Bill Gates. Most likely, the auction will not be local for me but it will be open to the public and I want to make it so anyone can bid, worldwide.

As far as the financial side of things - I will not be handling any money. I am talking to a lawyer about setting up a trust fund or escrow account so that money will be placed there then disbursed to the charities. Everything will be well documented for all to see. How it stands now, I want funds to be donated to all countries that have a representing contributing artist and donations will be broken down in ratios, i.e., if 50% of contributers are from the U.S. and 50% are from New Zealand, then funds would be divided equally. Of course, this is just an example and as you can see, there are contributers from all over the world. So funds will be broken down accordingly and donated to reputable child advocate organizations. These will all be published here on this site and will be investigated before any donations are made. Again, EVERY PENNY of ALL funds received from this book will be distributed.

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